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Thread: Help With The Sims Please - Newbie

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    I've d/l a few copies of The Sims (the original) and every single one that has come down has been named:


    I've specifically looked for files that DON'T have that filename but when I open them they all have the above filename.

    I open the ziped file, read the .nfo file and it says the following

    "Unrar,click REG file,run unpack.bat to extract sounds,run SIMS.EXE to start."

    Now, I've clicked the reg file (no probs there) and run unpack.bat (no probs there either).

    What does 'unrar' mean? Is it relevent to the instalation of the sims?

    Cos...... none of these files seem to work! The Maxis screen comes up, then the blue 'The Sims' screen but thats it, am I missing something out here? Do I need to install a crack? If so how do I do that?

    Sorry if this all seems a bit dim, been trying to get this sucker for my 13 year old daughter for 3 days!!!

    can anyone out there help me?



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    To Unrar means to Unzip, rar is just another utility that compresses files like winzip does, but Winrar does the job instead, although I'm pretty certain Winzip is able to do so too .

    But if you do see the reg and dat files in the rar would mean you have already unpacked most of it...
    It usually turns out that you have to unpack and unpack again. That is this guys on kazaa compress it to such a lil size so it's more compact for a download. There could be other files that you haven't unpack, and when you click on the_sims.exe, is there any actual game files in the same folder??

    Make sure you have everything unpacked and the game exe is in the right folder.

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    also if unpacking the files dont work i reccomend u download the images of the game.

    images despite being a lot bigger run smoother and you can also download objects of the net to play in ur sims game using images.

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    Managed to d/l another version (not 'the_sims&#39 and exactly the same thing happened again! There must be something really obvious that I cant see. I tested the zipped file with Winrar and unzipped to find the following folders:

    (folders) .dll files other files

    Docs clc16 clokspl.exe
    Downloads clc32 secdrv.sys
    GameData dplayerx simreg.reg
    Music drvmgt sims.exe
    UGI Graphics gimix sims.icd
    sound data iij10 uninst.isu
    Userdata unpack.bat

    There was no .nfo file this time so I did the simreg.reg thing and the unpack.bat.

    The properties panel of the sims.exe tells me there are multiple folders in the file but doesn't give me the option to explore on the right click so I can't tell what folders are in there.

    I've tried everything I can think of and then some!

    Someone somewhere must know, it's driving me mad! If I had the spare I'd be off to buy a copy.

    Actually, we have a copy, it just got so scratched in my daughter's bedroom, the cd drive won't read it.

    Am currently trying to d/l the sharereactor files from the verified sections (and after leaving kazaa searching all night I've got the d/l going!!!!&#33 but not only does that say that the file is called 'the_sims' its only running on 0.4 kbps - by the time I get it she'll have grown out of it and be wanting grand theft auto!!!!!

    Many thanks in advance.



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