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Thread: computer wont start up :/

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    Yea nothing happens if I click the power button, my guess is my psu is dead, the mobo lights dont show up, what are your thoughts?

    Well this is what happened, lately after I shut off my computer my led fans will start blinking on and off, the fans will roate a notch. So it was 1 am yesterday and I was tired so I just shut off the main power (AC adapter). I wake up at 6am and I try to boot it up, nothing happens. Any ideas?

    Edit >> 450watt generic psu that came w/ case
    Dont psu usually explode when they break? lol anyways another note my computer was on for like 2 days straight usually I let it rest, i dont think that should really affect it.

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    Check the fuse in your plug first.

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    psu works i shorted it, i think its my mobo =/

    -- edit >> fixed it, there was no problems

    i shorted the psu and then i plugged everything back in and it worked, strange i guess it needed a little push because i shut off the ac adapter
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    Sounds like you had a loose connection.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Virtualbody1234
    Sounds like you had a loose connection.
    Or a psu that's on it's way out.

    In general, Generic PSU = disaster waiting to happen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dodgy368
    Check the fuse in your plug first.
    We don't have plug fuses in North America, just a fuse in the appliance (usually) and the panel...


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