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Thread: Infringement notice after edonkey download

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    Recently i downloaded a file using edonkey. Within days of the download I was sent an infringement notice for the download. This was my first time using edonkey. I stopped using edonkey after that. I have been using Azureus and Bittorrent for several months now and not received any infringement notice. Does this mean Azureus and Bittorrent are "safer" for keeping ip addresses more private? Anyone else have experience with this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by coppercox
    Does this mean Azureus and Bittorrent are "safer" for keeping ip addresses more private?

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    use Peer Guardian next time.
    Block those mothers.

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    If u think to use edonkey again u should use block list.

    If any one needed I can upload it.

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    you got caught in a honey pot, had a few meself software anti-piracy or whatever logged your ip sent a note the your isp etc - most tos give the isp all the power so they could fire your ass, but more than likely they're are just being politically correct to the org that logged your ip. still, doesn't give you the warm and fuzzy's, i've had them with peer guardian and filter lists so if those help, they're not absolute

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    If you use azureus, download and use the safepeer plugin

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    I've had the same problem and immediately informed my ISP that the file was being deleted. Since using PeerGuardian, I've had no problems. By the same token, I'm using usenet (a pay server: for most movies and TV shows. That and music is where most of the spies are lurking.


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