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Thread: Is it possible to resurrect a banned account?

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    Hey, I downloaded too much too early from with the intention of donating to up my ratio, but sure enough there were a couple of complications in my stormpay sign up, and what do you know!

    BANNED! (sob, sob)

    It was my first time ever in a private site, and I'm willing to still donate them money, but don't know if it will help, because I cant sign in.

    Does anyone know what the protocol is on this? Do I simply have to wait till sign up day again and use a new account, or can I fix my mistake.

    Any advice would be appreciated.


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    Usually when an account is banned they ban your IP address. You might be sol if you have a static IP. Other than that you'll just have to wait until they accept registrations again, or get invited by somebody else.

    Good Luck
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    i am in the same boat but with a different torrent site

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    Even if you register again , there are chances that you may be banned again if you have the same ip, for maintaining multiple accounts from same ip. inspite of maintaining a good ratio on new account. advice contact admin before you make account.

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    did you seed your torrents, if you just download torrents then stop them that can trigger a ban etc...

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    Thanks for the replys guys.

    Yes I did seed my files, but because I was fairly new and the files were quite big and well seeded themselves, my ration didn't naturally find itself fixed. I ended up with a ratio of about .3

    As far as contacting the admin goes, there is no way to do that withoiut being able to log in.

    Any other suggestions or does anyone have the ability to forward this to a admin guy, to help me plead my case?

    I am willing to donate as I always was planning to do. Surely that must help my cause.


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    i'm in the same position except it wasn't my fault lmao my torrent program crashed when i was seeding at night, but i can't contact admin lol


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