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Thread: Torrent sites need comment tab for missing info

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    Is anyone else tired of downloading a file where the originator gives no indication of its content? Spend hours to download a video that turns out to be in a language you don't want or with subtitles burned permanently into an avi file.
    If the original poster is unwilling or just to stupid to include the proper information on the file they are posting there should at least be a link on each file for previous downloaders to add their comments about the file, so the next people to consider downloading the file only have to open another link to learn more about the file instead of hours later after the download finishes.
    It seems only practical but I have yet to see any torrent site with this capability.

    Give us a break!
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    Is that on public trackers? I usually get plenty of info on private ones.

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    I don't belong to any private trackers so I guess I must suffer the indignation of the private sector. I don't understand why so many don't care or are just too ignorant to post information when there is obviously a place for it in the fields. Its called consideration, the web is full of inconsiderate people. I actually downloaded an Avi the other day that was in English with English subtitles permanently burned in to it. What kind of Moron would do that, a deaf person?


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