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Thread: Battlefield1942 Problem

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    Hey i burned it as an iso using nero by converting to iso wit winiso, I put disc one to install and it got to 4% got a CRC error, I put ignor and then it said component in media not found and then it just shut down, what do I do I have the original downloads still that are named as bin files but there are like a program with a white box that u can open and it goes to command prompt. Bins are supposed to be just white papers thingies! Not program boxes!

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    um what it sounds like to me is its not a bin file but an .exe file. Which it prolly is and its named something like xxx.bin.exe

    so now u just have to convert it back to a bin file

    now do this, some steps might be lil diff depending on ur operating system

    start, all programs, accessories, command prompt.

    ok u now have the command prompt up

    from here its a walk in the park, where ever ur file is located example a file is located in C:\Program Files\games\Battlefield1942.bin.exe

    so u need to change that file to a .bin file not an exe

    so type this in

    /rename C:\Program Files\games\Battlefield1942.bin.exe Battlefield1942.bin

    or this way might be a lil easier (this way works with windows Me, 2000, and XP)

    Windows ME, 2000, XP

    Open My Computer or Windows Explorer.
    Go to the Tools menu and choose Folder Options....
    In the window that appears, choose the View tab.
    Find the check box that states "Hide file extensions for known file types".
    Make sure that this box is unchecked.


    Open My Computer or Windows Explorer and find the file. (lets name it xxx.bin.exe)
    Right click on the xxx.bin.exe file and drag down to Rename. Rename xxx.bin.exe to xxx.bin.

    now if u have a correct .cue, u can go ahead and write the file to a cd and install it.

    heres what a .cue file should be to burn it

    FILE "xxx.bin" BINARY
    ==TRACK 01 MODE1/2352
    ====INDEX 01 00:00:00

    the = stand for spaces

    if u see (2) == means 2 spaces
    (4) ==== mean 4spaces

    hope this helps

    oh and dont use kazaa for games, its most likely that game is corrupt if u got it off kazaa, use overnet.

    although ur gonna run into a lot of problems if u wanna patch bf1942 especially since ur using kazaa for big files.

    p.s there is barely any good cracked servers with bf1942 so if ur planning on playin the mp aspect i suggest buying the game.

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    I couldnt do it, it froze the folder! Takin it to a friends house to do it.

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    Ok, It doesnt work everytime i put rename and remove the exe, and leave the bin it asks if i want to do that, I put yes then the foldr just freezez sayin not responding. If i end task it just clears all off of the desktop execpt hte desktop picture.

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    thats y u do it through the command prompt my friend, and if ur running a slow comp it just takes a while to do it, especially depending on the size of the files

    im running
    1.8ghz p4
    512sd ddr ram
    120gig hd
    gf 2 gts/pro

    and it takes sometimes up to minutes to convert files over using command prompt.

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    I downloaded the sharereactor .bin.exe's, renamed to .bin's, converted to ISO's (with WinISO), burnt ISO with nero. I get a treemesh and sound error (which I ignore) then get the same media not found problem I'm thinking corrupt files... d'oh well

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    I have windows xp, a p4 1.7ghz 512mb 80gb and a 32mb tnt2, and i cant do it in command prompt cuz it says file too big to fit in memory or something. But I did the old way and it froze the folder for about like 3 hours then it was converted. Then I made a cue like u said but nero couldnt open the bin or cue, I'll have to delete it i guess!


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