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Thread: Can Watch Then Why Won't Burn

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    i have this avi movie
    i was able to watch it on my mp or ati video player no problem

    then how come i can't burn it!!!
    i'm using nero

    nero keep giving me error reading message after a quarter of the file had been burnt
    movie size is less than cd

    is there any program i can use to fix the avi file
    i don't really think there's any problem with it> able to watch the whole movie with no problem!!!

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    ahh ....ummm u have to actully encode it to Mpeg firt the burn it u cant just burn it as AVI

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    shoot forget using nero for simple burns like coping a mpeg or avi files

    just copy the file to ur cd-rw drive and then copy it onto a cd

    i only use nero for like .cue/bin, vcd, music cds, or cd copies

    anything more complicated like a dvd i use padus

    ive never seen ur error though, ive seen file bigger then cd would u like nero to finalize it and those always right cause im overburning it by a bit.

    but never seen file to small errors

    gl tell me how it goes


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