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Thread: PWT is Alive

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    Just to let any who were worrying, like me, that PWT is not down. The homepage is now displaying the following message:

    Mar-25-06 - Apologies for the Downtime ( Bossman )
    As most of you are aware PWT has had problems with our nameservers, which means most of you couldnt resolve the PWT url. This is a matter that was out of our hands unlike previous downtime problems when the server was to blame. It has now been resolved and our members will be able to access the site once their local DNS has been updated, this process can take upto 48hours.

    Just to clear this up, this was NOT a legal issue, it had nothing to do with the FBI, so all you PWT haters can begin leeching off us again because we know you love us just as much as everyone else.

    Also, you can manually gain access sooner than that by the following method, which is what I did:

    press on start -> run -> c:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts . now a note pad will open (or choose notepad to open).

    now write the following line in at the very end of the notepad text : (and for the forums)

    Credit goes to "Israeli Hero" at for these tips

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    thanks for the heads up and the tips, i was starting to worry more every additional hour this site was down, glad its back up, and just in time for raw tomorow aswell

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    itīs still not working for me. Maybe things take a bit longer in Europe.

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    Yup it isnt working for me either

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    The Shugga
    uhm, I dont have the host file, I have Mhosts.sam / Networks / Protocol / Services

    what should I do guys?


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