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Thread: F-PROT for DOS on demand only? & more ?s

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    I downloaded F-PROT for DOS. I also downloaded & installed Tech-Protect Virus Protection System, which is a discontinued GUI for F-PROT for DOS. Also downloaded & installed Overself Research Anti-Virus Definitions Updater for F-PROT for DOS Version 2.61. These are all freeware for the home user.

    OK the questions. I've looked around on all 3 mentioned sites below & on the net. Is F-PROT for DOS just an on demand scanner & not resident? That's what I thought. But in the app Tech-Protect, theres an option to Enable Tech-Protect Monitor. The Tech-Protect Monitor seems to add real-time or resident functionality to F-PROT for DOS. Does this really add real-time or resident functionality to F-PROT for DOS? Given the explaination of Tech-Protect discontinuing their app. Is it possible & or wise to use as one's only AV? The footprint is very small. I'm confused & would like some insight from the experts here. Thanks.
    F-Prot Antivirus for DOS is FREE for use by home users on personal workstations
    Combining the long experience with the latest technology F-Prot Antivirus for DOS is the ideal second defence antivirus protection. Our basic product, the DOS all-purpose antivirus detection and disinfection software.
    The F-Prot Antivirus for DOS shareware package has been available for downloading for 10 years as F-Prot for DOS, and has proven to be one of the most efficient and popular antivirus programs in the market. Our highly user-friendly license terms and low prices have made F-Prot Antivirus for DOS immensely popular among professional computer users as well as private users for their home PCs worldwide. Our users have come to rely on the DOS version to keep their valuable data safe and their workstations virus-free.
    The virus scanner can be used on most computer operating systems used today, and can detect and disinfect all known boot sector viruses, file or program viruses as well as macro viruses, Trojans and other irritating and destructive programs.
    F-Prot Antivirus for DOS is the perfect tool for all users, both professional and private. It is easy to use, with a simple yet practical interface that offers great flexibility for the user, but can be run in command-line mode as well. The user can scan floppy disks, local hard drives or network drives as well as individual folders and files. The software can be used on private home computers, on the individual workstation or on a whole network.
    Among features included in F-Prot Antivirus for DOS is an effective heuristic scanner to scan for new viruses and suspicious files. F-Prot Antivirus will scan inside compressed files, as well as in Word documents and Excel workbooks.
    Tech-Pro's own Tech-Protect virus protection system, which used F-Prot for Dos as a virus scanning engine, is no longer available.
    We were receiving an increasing number of reports of problems with F-Prot for Dos. F-Prot's developers Frisk Software International have never supported the use of F-Prot for DOS on Windows NT-based systems (including Windows XP) and so these problems are not solvable - they were caused by trying to use F-Prot for DOS to do something it was never designed to do. It cannot handle long paths or certain filenames that may occur on systems that use the NTFS file system, and it cannot scan executables that use the new Windows .NET platform.
    We felt that we were doing a disservice to ourselves, Frisk Software and our users by continuing to offer this product. Accordingly, Tech-Protect has been discontinued and is no longer supported.
    Existing users, who are happy to continue to use Tech-Protect despite its shortcomings and need to reinstall it, may download the last released version of Tech-Protect.
    Do you use F-PROT for DOS or plan to use it in an emergency situation? If yes, you need it to have the latest updates, and may be interested in the following free Windows utility (compatible with all 32-bit Windows versions, including the first version of Windows 95). It's AV Defs Updater for F-PROT for DOS, an F-PROT updater / update utility, that renews your F-PROT for DOS antivirus definitions in the background and enables the automated creation of a set of emergency diskettes allowing you to perform a clean boot and check for viruses. Your existing settings in F-PROT for DOS are transferred to the diskette copy. A quick procedure only for updating of the diskettes holding the antivirus definitions, or only the creation of a universal, general-purpose bootable DOS disk (thanks to the excellent FreeDOS Project) is provided. The DOS bootdisk can be created on ANY version of Windows. Online help (context-sensitive) is included. For installation instructions and considerations, please refer to the enclosed README. The installation or upgrade from an older version is easy and automatic.

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    Now there's a blast from the past.

    F-prot for DOS is just an on demand scanner. has an copy of the techprotect webpage from last year with more information.

    Personally I don't use a resident scanner but if I did I would not trust this software.
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    Thanks zaphodiv. But it looks from the page you linked like a very effective resident scanner. Following the View a walk-through showing how to install Tech-Protect link.
    Let me pull out a passage from the link.

    "...5.2 Setting up the automatic checker

    The Virus Monitor tab controls Tech-Protect Monitor, which checks files for viruses when they are opened or run using the Windows shell, and checks files as they are written to disk (under NT-based versions of Windows.)..."

    Doesn't this make it a resident/real time AV?
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