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Thread: need help...

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    ok in case yall cant tell by my post count. im a MAJOR noob. ive been hearing alot of good things about newsgroups and how theres nothing better, so i decided to try it out. i have GrabIt and Newsbin Pro (because i dont really know which one is better) and i have 1 .nzb file. its a movie thats 4.6 gigs and im using a cable modem (roadrunner by time warner) im downloading the movie right now but for some reason my dl speed is only 20 kbps/sec and i know that something has to be wrong because i hear everyone saying that theyre dl speeds are maxed out using newsgroups. does anybody know what i can do so my dls can go faster?? and which should i use, GrabIt or Newsbin Pro??

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