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Thread: Problems with completion on Easynews!??!!

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    I have been using Easynews for many years and have always been quite satisfied with their services.

    I usually get the newest episodes of 24 from either a.b.multimedia or The problem is that the last couple of weeks the episodes havent completed, or if they did it would take a long time. I can see that all the rars have been uploaded to usenet (dont know what server though) on, but almost half of them are missing on easynews up to two days after. In the good old days they would be there right away. Is there something wrong with Easynews? Have anyone else experinced the same? Are there any other usenet providers out there which have the new episode 24.s05e15 - the LOL release on 349 mb? The file is indexed on both tehserver and newzbin.

    Hope you can help?

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    The Easynews web interface does not show damaged/corrupt files.

    It's a semi-permenant issue in the Easynews support forum.

    In this thread someone mentioned copyrighted material, which is a violation of Easynews' TOS and AUP, and his Easynews account was immediately terminated. If you discuss this issue in the Easynews support forum, you can't talk about what you're downloading!

    In this thread the best suggestion is to get a NZB and use a NNTP client to download the missing files, which will then need to be repaired with PAR2 files.

    There are many more similar, older threads on the issue.

    The missing files are damaged by the posting server which can't handle highspeed posts very well, so it drops some of the lines of yEnc encoding. It is known as the "Diablo Bug", from the software the posting news server is using.
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    I know its not a thing to be discussed in any Easynews Fora.

    The problem is that the network I am on doesnt allow the use of NNTP acccess, so I am stuck with the web access. Would the problem be solved if i signed up with Giganews instead for example?

    Could Easynews do anything to solve the problem?

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    If you could use Easynews' NNTP server with a binaries downloader program the problem would be solved because you would then have enough good blocks to repair the rest with the PAR2 files that are posted. Same situation with Giganews so signing with them would not make sense. The posts that give you trouble are not Easynews' fault, they are posted to other news servers, not Easynews servers. Easynews has offered a $2,500 reward to anyone who can identify and kill the bug, what more can they do? (BOUNTY.TXT)

    At the end of this thread on the same problem as yours, there are some suggestions for getting around a network that blocks NNTP; you could try using '' port 80, and if that doesn't work you could try using 'stunnel' to proxy a NNTP connection.

    You can discuss this stuff in the Easynews support forum as long as you don't specifically mention any copyrighted material you are trying to download, such as TV shows. Doing that would force them to whack your account.


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