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Thread: Black & White 1.1 Patch(i Have But...)

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    i have the black and white 1.1 patch but i have the ripped version of black and white downloaded from kazaa which was once named as hitman do i apply the patch??? .the patch says that it isnot installed on ur pc .

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    Thats the problem with rips, when the company comes out with an update you cant apply it plain and simple because the rip is in a diffrent config from the oringinal.

    Sometimes the group who cracked it may come out with a ripped update for the rip.

    Check here to see if the group has released an update.

    But the best bet is to use bins and iso's, full game installed that will except updates.

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    Just had a look yes both Myth and DEVIANCE have an update to black and white, they have cracked update v1.3 so get the latest.

    Now all you have to do is find them.

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    i need 1.10 patch cuz i have downloaded some trainers from and it says that it will only work in 1.10 version

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    well the trainers are not going to work with the ripped version

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    Originally posted by "The Avatar Man"@25 April 2003 - 10:24
    well the trainers are not going to work with the ripped version

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    can anyone help me to cheat this game any kind of even if i have to edit a file


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