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Thread: Your Files Get Deleted After Finished?

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    Hi guys,
    I have 2 harddrives, each with several partitions. In one hd, i use FAT32 and the other i use NTFS. I installed my kazaa-lite 2.10 Build 2 and set the download folder to FAT32 partition hd and started downloading.

    Later on, i installed kazaa-lite 210 build 3 'coz i saw a bug in K-Sig posted on their website. This time i change my download folder to partition NTFS on the other drive. After that, weird things happen, all completed file will have 'failed' status and gone.

    I read all the FAQ and realize it's because the download folder changing. I moved all the file back to previous (same) folder and restart kazaa. Problem still exists. I'm not sure what is the cause of this, is it previous K-Sig's problem with the signature or because the File system type (NTFS vs FAT32).

    However, i got my download using another way. Here's what i did.
    - Before the file finish downloaded (few kb left), stop it.
    - Open Datview and copy the file using 'only the first good data block' mode.
    - Open DivFix and Rebuild index

    So far, i've saved my downloads with this method without problem. Hope this helps.

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    Hi all,
    Another way is b4 download completed (< 1 menit), copy the file to another folder. Copying need around 1 menit (depend on the file size), so when the file is downloaded (failed status), kazaa couldn&#39;t delete it because of the copying process. You still have to rename the file though.


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