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Thread: Problem W/ Verified Hashes Downloading...

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    Hello. I have installed K+++ recently and i love it! The only problem is that when I use the hashes they don't work, the Fastracks do work but the Hashes don't... I use my address bar to do them and I can't paste them in the K-Sig window for some reason.....also I thot i was losing it so I did a search for the file names...and nothing came up...Is this normal? I mean some of them are pretty recent movies like Anger Management and Malibus Most...which is why I find it so hard to believe that they are not available...Can someone help me?
    BTW: The Files all go into my transfer DL bin they just never begin it says More Sources needed...


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    Well by the sound of things you say, it works fine. You say that the file never begins, that because there is no use at that moment when you log into Kazaa Lite that have that file. It happens alot with newer files, you just need to wait until the file get spread out!

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    Nothing wrong. Some of the verified files are quite rare, so you'll have to be patient.

    Edit: I don't know how K-Sig works, I've heard there've been a few problems with it. Also, make sure your filtering is set up correctly.

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    Thx guys
    I just assumed that becaue they were verf's they would be more available. I know about rare files and sometimes they Take a LONG time. I appreciate the help see you around.


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    give a try to emule, i heard that these rare files in Kazaa are much over there (emule)


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