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Thread: linux for old comp

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    hey, I was wondering if anyone could recommend a 'light' distro to me. I'm looking to use an old micro atx computer as a network fileserver (ie stick a bunch of harddisks and a wireless networrk card in it).
    The spec is a 333MHz AMDK6 with 128MB RAM so i think it should be able to run a light gui, although i'm perfectly willing to run a purely text based distro.
    I'm still a bit of a linux noob, so I'm looking for a distro where you wouldn't have to do too much hardware installation (in particular it should automaticallly detect and be able to use a standard wireless network card and should preferably support wpa tkip and samba)
    I have installed and run linux on a couple of systems so i'm not a total noob, but i am keen to avoid any distros which will take ages to set up.

    Any suggestions?

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    You can try out Unbuntu Linux.. I found it pretty light.. Doesnt include a shitload of programs and its free (they even ship them to you)..
    blah blah blah... whatever...

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    I'm running slackware on a 222mhz with only 128mb ram.. text based though since it's being used as a server.

    I would avoid gentoo since it took me forever just to set it up on my laptop... didnt really like their ways of packaging

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    Ubuntu or Debian sarge. I installed them on a PIII500 to do mail and web and on a PIII 1G for a media center (using freevo). A bit too much crap gets initialised at startup, but once you're running, they're fine.

    Gentoo was just too much work.

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    Okay, so I'm probably too late saying this but...

    For old systems, I'd suggest using either Damn Small Linux (DSL) or Puppy Linux.

    Also, use Fluxbox or XFCE as your Window manager. They're much less resource hungry than Gnome or KDE.

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    Damn Small Linux

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    Yellow Dog may be an option for you too but yes DSL should be your best bet. There are version of DSL that fit on a floppy disk. LOL...

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    Use any distro you like, it is mostly the window manager (GUI) that will determine how lite it is. I would recommend you use something like Xfce or Enlightenment (cool OSX look) on whatever distro you want to choose.


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