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Thread: question from a download noob :)

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    when i click some NZB links after putting thankz

    i get this message

    Sorry the NZB you are trying to download is inactive.

    This error is occuring because you are attempting to download an NZB which is greater than our NZB cutoff date. Chances are these files would no longer be available from your news server which is why the NZB is removed from our servers.

    just wondering if there is a way to know before putting thankz ?

    if not sorry if this has been asked before

    if there is not only and only way is for someone to try it would it be ok to post that the nzb is no longer any good

    like changing thankz with edit to DEAD

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    usually when your viewing the threads, there is a date beside it, and if there is no date i think that means its old, also when you go into the thread, you can check the date of when it was posted


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