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Thread: so much for torrentit

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    2006-03-31 - Desperate times = desperate measures!
    Due to the admiral efforts of enforcement agencies such as the MPAA, RIAA, and the lesser-known but equally nasty BREIN; TorrentIt has decided to move with the times. It's either go legal, or go down. So, as soon as we've made the necessary changes, the site will only be hosting 100% legal content. We know you love the site, so we know you'll love been able to get content you can get at countless other sites here at TiT too. And your ass is clean!
    Patches, demos, movies and teasers - this will be our bread and butter. FilePlanet? Forget about it fools! But what of your hard-earned ratio? Of course you'll keep the stats you've built up here, and they'll help you get the latest game-related junk. And if you're ratio has taken a hit with all the naughty stuff you've been leeching, you'll be glad to here we'll be moving to a pay-to-leech model! What better solution than cold, hard cash?!

    So, the times they are a changing (wasn't that a song?) - make a note of this date. This is the date your favourite torrent site became your favourite content site period, without the bad stuff. Thanks for your support, and here's to the future!

    I tried so hard to keep a good ratio :mad: fuckers
    `anyone from Argentina on this board?

    I need your help and if you can help me pM me

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    obey the duck
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    You do realise what day is today, right?

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    bitmetv's joke was much better

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    har har har.... didnt check your calendar today huh?

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    thought it was real too, good thing I checked the forums

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    good thing it isn't real
    you scared me for a sec


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