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Thread: Upside Down Movie

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    Just recently all my movies are being downloaded upside down. Even the previous movies downloaded have this problem now. Whether I view the movies in Avi preview or media player they are now all upsidedown. Please help.

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    go to google, search for "Nemo Codec Pack" and download the pack (i think its about 7 megs) and read the instructions on which files to install with the pack

    one of the codecs will take the files, and "flip" them so u can see them properly

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    In your player go to

    File > Properties

    In one of the filters there is an option to flip the picture.

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    I recently downloaded the Peter Pan cartoon for my son when i burn it to cd the movie plays perfect but the picture is upside down.I used nero to burn it ,does anyone know why this happened and how to rectify it? thanx...........

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    Have a search through movie world using the keywords "upside down"
    Theres quite a few ideas.

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    Cheers,i suppose i could always turn my television upside down.

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    I had the same problem, the problem is causes when you use the wrong codec.
    I deleted all my codec's, and then installet Klcodec, and that worked

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    HELL-you will be too_$oon enough
    try encoding the movie BEFORE you burn it.
    Avi2vcd has an option to invert the video if it comes out like that

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    In Windows Media Player go to File > Properties

    There you'll find all codecs and filters that are used to decode the movie. Usually one of them has an option to flip the picture.

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    turn the moniter upside down. or your head

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