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Thread: Need Help with Partition!!

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    This is a pretty dire situation so I appreciate ANY help I can get.

    I accidentally unpartitioned my external hard drive....
    now this drive has years worth of pictures, music, etc...

    Is there any way I can access this information again? I tried using Partition Table Doctor....but...meh...didn't work. Any suggestions?

    Thanks for the help ~Vigilcat~

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    Wow, that's major.

    Try "EasyRecovery Professional" (get a copy off emule) and see if that can recover your files on that external hardrive. I hope your current hardrive running Windows has enough space, because your gonna need it. EasyRecovery Professional recovers files from format, deletion, curruption, etc. It shouble be able to recover them from deleted partitions also. It has a "RAW Data Scan" that scans every bit of raw data on the disks, using intelligent technology to extract previous files you once had.

    Once you backup all your files from the external onto your main hardrive in your machine, format the external hardrive. (NTFS is good)

    If that doesn't work, let me know.
    You could surely get a hardrive recovery service to pull them off for you. They charge money for the service, but they can even pull files off damaged hardrives. They will literally take the plates out and use hardrive diagnostic technology to extract data from them.
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    oh so simple to use. and, it gives you a windows-type environment to work in.


    freely available here... (must have an XP disc to build it)

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    If its purely a deleted partition you want to undelete you could use;

    TestDisk 5.7

    If you want to use it and cant find a copy PM me


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