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Thread: Best Anti-spam?

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    There are so many...
    I want one that not only blocks but re-directs the crap back to sender AND maybe even report the spam. This is really urgent. I'm getting approx. 30 unwanted mails each time I open my inbox. It's much worse when I wake up and logon! They are driving me nuts!!

    And while I'm on the subject..
    I've been getting mail titled 'Re: a little bit of fun'
    Every time I click on it my pc shuts down! I've had several of these since yesterday and they are a f*n nightmare! I have eventually found a way of deleting them without shutdown but it's a delicate operation as u can imagine. The messages have a knack of placing themselves at the top of the inbox list so they are automatically the first to open when OE is launched - I have to be real quick-thinking.

    Does anyone else have experience with these shitty mails? Are they deliberate or just conflicting with something? (I think they are sick jokes to be honest).
    Please advise.

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    First off, never ever use your isp email address, not for anyone. I'm with blueyonder & am allowed 3 mail boxes each with 3 email alias's. I would think other isp's operate the same way. Either go to your isp's website or give them a phone for any info regarding your email. If you get to much spam to one of your alias's just delete it & invent a new one.

    I also use Yahoo & that has an option say that a certian email you recieve is Spam, & presto, no more mail from that person.

    Hope all or any of that made some sense!


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