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Thread: DVD Encoder Software

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    Hey guys,

    Here's some background information. I am a massive wrestling fan. I have every major event since 1997 on tape upstairs. As you can imagine, it's much easier to bdownload my favourite events, and burn them to disc (And I believe this is not breaking copyright as I own them anyway). So here's my question...

    Does anyone know of any good DVD encoding software? I need something that's relatively quick but doesn't cut corners (Or at least too many corners!). The quickest software I know of is tmpgenc, which takes double the length of the file to encode. As you can understand, six hours to encode something isn't really ideal!

    If anyone knows of anything which may be better, could you let me know please?


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    it will always take that long.

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    Encoding video is a processor-intensive task and takes a very long time because of it.
    tmpgEnc is a good choice for it's ease of use and relative quality.
    Cinemacraft Encoder is very highly regarded for its quality but isn't as straightforward to use.
    Ultimately, though, to decrease the time your computer takes to perform video encoding tasks you'll need to invest in a killer motherboard/CPU/RAM combination; even then it's not gonna be what you'd call swift.
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    You might want to check out WinAVI. it is quite quick
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