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Thread: I hate filesystems..with a passion

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    Mar 2003
    So yesterday, the worst thing that could happen did.

    I was browsing my external NTFS formatted 200 GB hard drive.

    I get to my anime folder and once I click it, the computer tells me that this folder is invalid and corruput.

    So I think...what the hell.

    And start checking all the other folders on the drive.

    Now, EVERY single folder is "corrupt".

    <insert cursing and hammers to the computer case in pure hatred and anger>

    So I go in and backup all the data using getbackdata ntfs and all is good.

    I have my data backed up on another drive (all of it....everything was recoverable)

    So I go in disk manage in Windows XP and guess what...

    I found out that that drive doesn't have a filesystem associated with it.


    That means, all of a sudden, while browsing through that hard drive, the filesystem suddenly dissapeared????

    What the hell?

    Filesystem's don't just dissappear. It's like magically removing carpet in a room. You don't move it unless there isn't anything on top of it...

    So I just reformatted the drive to NTFS..again.

    I still don't know why the hell that happened.
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    Maybe the drive is failing. I think there are some tools to check to see if it is physically failing.

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    Aug 2003
    Did you try running checkdisk/chkdsk?

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    Aren't you being just a bit apocalyptic?
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