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View Poll Results: Which CD burning software do you use?

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  • Alcohol

    15 36.59%
  • Blindwrite

    1 2.44%
  • CDRWin

    0 0%
  • CloneCD

    1 2.44%
  • DeepBurner

    0 0%
  • Discjuggler

    0 0%
  • DropToCD

    1 2.44%
  • Easy CD Creator

    0 0%
  • GEAR

    0 0%
  • Nero 6

    22 53.66%
  • Nero 7

    15 36.59%
  • Prassi ONES

    1 2.44%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: Which CD burning apps do you use?

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    Chewie's Avatar Chew E. Bakke
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    Feb 2004
    There's a "Nero 6 or 7?" thread somewhere hereabouts but Nero isn't the only knife in the drawer, so to speak, so I thought I'd gauge what is the most prevalent amongst members.
    Feel free to give us comments on why you use a particular utility and/or why you may have rejected others.

    I only use Nero v6. It does everything that I need it to.
    I would upgrade to v7 if people started saying it's bugs had been squashed.

    In the past I have tried CloneCD, Alcohol, WinOnCD, CDRWin, EasyCD Creator, Discjuggler, Blindwrite... perhaps a couple of others, and with the exception of EasyCD Creator, they all pretty much worked OK.
    Nero 6 is definitely the jack-of-all-trades for me though.
    There isn't a bargepole long enough for me to work on [a Sony Viao] - clocker 2008

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    tesco's Avatar woowoo
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    Aug 2003
    Alcohol for burning images to discs, creating images, mounting.
    Nero 7 for burning data files, dvds from vobs, music cds (altho I haven't for a while).

    Used to use clonecd a few years ago, used Nero6 up until Nero 7 came out.

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    zapjb's Avatar Computer Abuser BT Rep: +3
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    Nov 2002
    I'll quote myself from that Nero thread.
    I vote for DropToCD. Whole program is less than 1.5MB.

    I just burned an .iso to disc. No muss, no fuss. Point & click. No shutting down other processes. Takes 1/10 the rsources of Nero or less. Imo Nero is a fn joke.

    DropToCD (DataCD/DVD) is a very easy to use tool to create and burn data CDs and DVDs based on drag&drop technology. Just drag&drop files and folders to a little window and hit 'Burn disc' from popup menu to burn a CD or DVD. Simply as 1,2,3... Also you can burn ISO images, erase rewritable CDs or DVDs and more...

    With DropToCD you are able to:
    Burn data CD or DVD
    Burn ISO images to CD / DVD
    Save ISO images
    Erase rewritable CD / DVD
    View and extract sessions from multisession CD / DVD
    and more...

    All 32-bit Windows versions are supported
    Supports CD-R / CD-RW / DVD-R / DVD-RW / DVD+R / DVD+RW / DVD-RAM
    Tested with SCSI, IDE / EIDE, USB CD / DVD recorders
    Create multisession CD / DVD
    Create bootable CD / DVD or ISO images
    Supports ISO9660 / Joliet files systems, burning simulation, OPC, BURNProof...
    and more...

    On the fly burning. No temporary files
    Supports long filenames and foldernames (max 108 characters)
    Burn over 300000 files and 80000 folders
    Doesn't use any dlls or ocxs. Built-in ASPI layer
    Displays necessary information about recorder and disc
    Fast ISO image building speed
    and more...

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    gerp's Avatar The Phenom
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    Mar 2006
    Using Nero 6 for music cds, dvds, and so far so good.

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    I use Nero6 for the straight forward stuff and sometimes the old standby Nero Burning Rom (I create a shortcut to it on my desktop since Nero Start Smart decided it wasn't important anymore). But believe it or not the one I use the most, recently anyway, is not even in the list. Dvd Decrypter has its own burner that works in conjunction with DvdShrink and using it I avoid the old "data will not fit on one Dvd" bug that Nero has picked up lately. I don't know if Nero is re-encoding with out my asking or if it just doesn't see the file correctly but it really tick's me off.

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    j0nathan's Avatar [][][][][][][]
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    Jun 2005
    I use alcohol for programs, I use nero 6 for movies and music, I think that nero 7 sucks.

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    Poster BT Rep: +5
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    Feb 2006
    I use Nero 7 and haven't experienced any bugs to speak of, I have a lightscribe drive which nero happily supports and lets me burn images to.

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    Chewie's Avatar Chew E. Bakke
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    Feb 2004
    Excuse me, but ftw is a lightscribe drive?
    I've seen them advertised but what they actually do isn't made clear. Something about writing on the surface of the disc... images?
    There isn't a bargepole long enough for me to work on [a Sony Viao] - clocker 2008

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    Use Alcohol and DVD Decryptor and have a drag and drop app that came with the pc that does data just fine...

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