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    Is there any way you can resize the dimensions of a video? I recently downloaded the Underclassman but its dimension is like 600 something by 300 something which is too big to be played on my Portable MEdia Center. So if anyone knows how to resize videos please post!

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    depending on what format you're starting with, there are plenty of programs available.

    WinAvi, Stoik converter 2, etc. may be of some help.

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    I usually use Virtual Dub to re-encode avi to avi (resized) and if you use the divx codec it has a configuration button where you can get in there and change it to what ever you want (custom resize), it has a few limitations like hieght must be divisible by 2 and width by 4 (or visa versa) but thats it. I would suggest you get GSpot so you can look at a file that you know will play, and use the same dimensions when you convert. Remember, if you go too far you can squash or stretch a video out of proportion so keep an original copy of what your working on that you can always go back to until you get everything just right.

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    Thanks I just got Virtual Dub, really like it. Thanks for the help


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