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Thread: Shareaza help needed!!

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    BRock911's Avatar BRock911
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    Apr 2006
    Why is it that while using Shareaza I find about 800 sources for a particular file, but only download at like 75KB/sec?? Shouldn't it be quicker? Am I doing something wrong? Please help. B

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    thewizeard's Avatar re-member BT Rep: +1
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    Jun 2003
    The Netherlands
    ..well lets start with your connection. You might be on your maximum download perhaps a little more information...?

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    Thats fast for Shareaza last I recall...

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    I wish I would get that speed with emule and all my BT downloads.
    Usualy I get less, much less.

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    Knocky's Avatar SomeBloke
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    Apr 2006
    I hate shareaza soooo slow. Emule is well known for being slow, but youll find loadsa stuff, youll just have to wait. I D/L from bearshare/limewire 1-2 mbit on 2meg adsl. I find most stuff I need through on bearshare.


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