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Thread: Racism? Maybe You're An Idiot.

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    I know it's old news now but this Cynthia McKinney sounds like a bonafide idiot screaming racism.

    She may be a great congresswoman, mind you, but it sounds like she fucked up.

    She doesn't wear her lapel security pin and tried to walk around metal detectors. An officer is supposed to stop and ask who the fuck you are.

    Her contention was the officer should have known who she was. Regardless, I don't think she has the right to strike him with a cellphone.

    I like to know how the officer inappropriately grabbed her for breaching security.
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    I don't think it was rasicm of any kind from the stories I've seen/read.

    She didn't have the pin on that they are required to wear if they don't want to stop and go through security.

    She had a completely different haircut/hair style that changed her appearance quite a bit.

    He told her to stop and she just kept going.

    It's her own dumb fault and right now she's standing alone.

    The FST group

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    I doubt it was racism on the cops part but she definately used the race card to explain her reaction, which was BS IMO. She should be thankful this cop takes his job seriously. 100 Senators plus 435 house members and she expects to be recognized in 2-seconds flat. Hell, I don't recognize half my relatives.
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    Oh, please...
    She's the new poster child for racial idiocy, as she is indeed handicapped by her racial views.

    That she is a member of congress is an embarrassment to the people of Georgia.
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