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Thread: Best Price for Video Cards in SLI or Crossfire?

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    i'm doing some research cuz i feel a upgrade in the workz for myself. i'm not sure if i wanna go sli or crossfire. anyway, these are the two cards i've found:

    eVGA Geforce 7600GT


    POWERCOLOR Radeon X1800GTO

    i'm looking for dual cards for the best price and performance. these seemed like the best ones. the benchmarks i've seen between the 7600gt and the x1800gto are pretty close. i believe the 7600gt out performs by a little, but turn on aa/af/hd and u'll see the x1800gto shine. anyone have ideas on which would be better or just the better buy?
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    SLi = easier to work with and not as many glitches (that I'm aware of)

    Xfire = lots of glitches and chipset issues, you have to update BIOS on motherboards, and some mobo's don't even support Xfire if I remember correctly (so correct me if I'm wrong).

    It'd suck if you bought 400 dollars worth Video Card and you ended up with problems, for simplicities sake I'd go with the 2 7600gt's. If you really want AA/AF that bad in games, then go for the X1800's.

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