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Thread: Mandatory Reading Here For Yanks...

  1. #1 There's lots of eye-opening reading on this site and through its links. Sen. Hollings has now introduced the Consumer Broadband and Digital Television Promotion Act. This act requires all digital devices (computers, mp3 players, etc.) to have installed HARDWARE anti-copying protection. It also essentially makes filesharing by defeating such protection a felony punishable by up to five years in prison and/or fines up to $500,000. This is serious business folks, and it has the Democratic segment of the Senate and House solidly behind it (they get about twice the entertainment contibutions the Republicans do). This site has the mechanism for faxing your Congressman. Anybody with a brain who enjoys filesharing had better do it. Sitting on our butts means that it passes. I know that there is strong "don't worry be happy" sentiment on this site, even among the Americans who are affected, but, although a minority of the total file-sharers, we still probably have a couple of million sharers in the US, the majority of whom are voters or potential voters. Those kinds of numbers talk! We can do something to try to counter-weight the money of the RIAA/MPAA people, or we can keep on singing "Don't Worry, Be Happy." Which shall it be? This post is aimed at the Americans and only the Americans. I'm not interested in hearing from people from other lands who don't have this problem telling us to keep on exposing our MSF, even if it means we lose our ISP or we could face legal action under one of these Acts. Just remember, when you read their posts. It's no skin off their goddamn noses.

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    Here's another good site - Protect Fair Use

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    Thank you TIDE for bringing this to my attention.

    Sent fax.
    Sent contribution.

    Cowering behind firewall,etc.
    "I am the one who knocks."- Heisenberg

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    Not just for Yanks....

    It indirectly affects everyone, as most PC manufacturers are located in the USA.

    If they have to include the hardware for the US market, I cant see them building different for the rest of the world.....

    I'm going to be very careful in my 'brand' of PC from now on...and that includes a lot of the internal parts.

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    Well, most manufacturers are based here and can control how the MBs, etc. are constructed. It's not conceivable that a Hong Kong MB mfg. might make different versions, so DIY's could still build a machine without protection. One question which concerns me, being one who builds his own machines, is if, for example, I order a MB direct from Hong Kong, without protection and install it - do I then become a felon. From reading the Act, it seems the answer is "Yes."

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    Thank you TIDE for bringing this to our attention.
    I will send a fax and post on the site.

    Unfortunattly, can this be stopped considering the argrument for it, not as though you can claim an invasion of privacy as with some other actions the DCMA may provide, again how would you leagally try to defuse this.

    Of, course being an American I still say...

    Speaking of which, I am currently attempting to become enlightened on using SOCKS Proxy5, if anyone can help me along, please do.


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