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Thread: the old

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    I used to be a member of the old I used participate in the forums, kept an excellent ratio and was a power user. I've heard the new place they have moved to is the But I can't get in . of course I can provide my old account details and username.

    Does anyone know of any admin of the that I can contact?


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    visit their irc channel
    its on the sites homepage
    i dont think the new site is live yet anyway (so that link u said anyway)

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    Hey, same here, I even miss
    anynews of what happened?
    Opiate101 let's get in contact and try to find others other ex-members.


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    visit the irc channel specified on that page
    they will perhaps invite u

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    "They" haven't really moved anywhere. The former Sysop disappeared along with the database and the entire site. ThePlace was started by some former mods at The reason you can't get in is because the sites are completely different and everyone must find a way to reregister.

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    i don't know about
    but i'm already a member of and wouldn't wanna be a part of anything else. it's just so great there! the community's tight and very helpful. I never spent so much time on any onther torrent site. (it's what was, only much better! the site is frikin awsome!!! new stuff comes in daily!)
    they have a Lounge - the place is gold! and they also made an announcemet that they're preparing for some kind-of internet 'seminar'... can't wait to see what's the surprise!
    (it's not easy to get in... and no, i don't have invites)
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    i just dont know how to frikin get in

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    Actually, two replacement sites popped up, and I had a membership at both, but admin at got all up in a fussy and didn't like that the other site might share their material (a little ironic), so they gave notice you had to pick one or the other site or you'd be banned. The admin at is much better and the site has all the features that the old had so I stayed there.
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