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Thread: Windows Firewall is blocking all my download ports

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    I installed IE 7 and ever scince it blocks the port the utorrent is using. if I change the port, it still can't get though. the windows fire wall is shut down now and it won't turn back on. it says it is missing depenancies services. I have tryed to uninstall windows firewall and each of its depencant serves, but I am haveing no luck. I keep getting error 1068.


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    I take it you mean that utorrent is now connecting and downloading fine, since the Windows firewall is not running.

    If you want to re-enable the firewall then click Start / Run... and type:
    in the box and hit return.
    In the right hand pane of the window that pops up, make sure that Network Connections, Remote Procedure Call and Windows Management Instrumentation are all enabled and running.
    You should then be able to start it.

    If you'd rather use a better firewall, ZoneAlarm, Outpost, Norton/Symantec, McAfee, Tiny, Sygate, Lavasoft or even the ancient @Guard would do a better job (if it ran on XP!).
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