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Thread: Xbox360 Oblivion disc issues...

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    I have emailed Microsoft a few times (worthless, but still worth a try) and I have read a few forums on various sites to no avail. It is telling me the disc is dirty and needs cleaning, or something along those lines. It happens whether I start a new game or load one, and it always pops the message up halfway through the load. It just up and happened one day, the game had been running fine since I purchased it on release date. Anyone have any ideas? I am not looking for a miracle as I am sure it is not something I can fix, but I just want an explanation to calm my anger.

    I have debated playing it on my PC but it is a long game and it is much more relaxing and comfortable playing on the couch on the big screen... damn you Microsoft.

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    can't you take xbox360 games back to the shop?

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    Same thing happens to my game only its more random. It usually happens when I interact with somebody then I hear my disc loading really loudly and the game freezes and tells me I have a dirty disc. I'm going to return my game and get another one. I have the 360 version also and yes you should just return urs to where you bought it from....


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