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Thread: Help needed with seting up torrent clients

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    Please let me know how to setup bittorrent or bitcomet or utorrent to find internet.
    I have forwarded the port that the clients are listening at but did not work,
    read through the bitcomet FAQs on and some other forum topics regading setups for bittorrent/bitcomet/utorrent but did not help.

    The P2P clients like epicea, bearshare and kazaa work fine, even the irc clients work fine. So I am not able to figure out the problem with the setup of the torrent clients.
    Please help me.

    I will appreciate any help.


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    Hmmm... I'm assuming you're behind a router and that you're having trouble with port forwarding? I use uTorrent v1.5 and it has the "Enable UPnP port mapping (Windows XP or later only) option. I would start by checking that if you haven't already. Also, the router needs to support UPnP port mapping as well, I think most models, especially new ones, will do this.

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    u could help us giving u adivce by explaning what kind of internet connection u have.. what firewalls/antivirus software u have or these kind of things..

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    I already checked the "Enable UPnP port mapping (Windows XP or later only) " option did not help. Is it anything else might be the cause.

    horia -
    Mine is comcast cable modem connection. The router is DLink DI-604, I have forward all the Ports (6881/6889, 32459/65534, 36233/36233, 3835/3835)useds by the clients to the PC. The PC is behind tiny firewall and all the torrent clients are set with '$TrustedSytemApps' group access which allows full access. And I am using Symantec Antivirus V10.

    delimare and horia thanks a lot for helping.


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    You're not connecting with certain torrent sites, right? I'm still not sure what your problem is... the worse thing I've ever run into is not being "connectable" to certain torrent sites. Are the clients not downloading the torrents that you want? Give us more specifics...

    You said also that you're behind a firewall... is it the firewall that comes with your Symantec Antivirus, or is it a different firewall? The more info you give the better!

    If you're using uTorrent, make sure that "Randomize port each time uTorrent starts" isn't checked. I'm sure you've done that already, but just throwing it out there.

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    I am not able to connect to any torrent sites. I tried downloading torrents using,, etc search. The "Randomize port each time uTorrent starts" is not checked.
    On the status bar on uTorrent is says 'Listen Error' and "DHT: Waiting to log
    in". I have 'Enable DHT' and Enable DHT for new torrents' checked, is it right.
    Is there any way I can export the setup in utorrent into a text file so that I can paste it here?.

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    delimare's Avatar Polyamorous BT Rep: +2
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    Mar 2006
    This is what I have set for uTorrent. I do not have a software firewall, only a hardware linksys router for a firewall.

    Note: Bandwidth limiting will vary depending on your own connection, 36 works best for me

    If this doesn't help then it has to be something with your firewall. What firewall do you have?

    Edit: Do you have PG2 enabled? That might be blocking as well. I had to allow uTorrent the first time I used it with PG2.
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    having it set up as 50000 connections is only a good setting if ur on high speed cable, or something similar. having so many connections increases bandwidth use. if i set those limits, it can almost half my download/upload speeds.
    myself, on 2mb adsl, set 150 global, and 70 per torrent, and i max out on most well seeded torrents, on public and private trackers. perhaps set that a little higher, but nothing as extreme as 50000.

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    delimare- Thanks so much for loading all the screenshots.
    I changed my setting as per the screenshots, only few things I didnot find were the Interface setup under Appearance, somehow I don't have it and also the I don't have the "Add uTorrent to firewall exceptions" checkbox under Network.
    The Listern Error is gone but the status bar still has the message "DHT: Waiting to log in". Nothing is downloading yet. Do you know any torrent which I can use to test if download works?

    Thanks again for all the help.
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    John - I have a highspeed cable. I made the changes as suggested by still nothing downloading.


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