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    Yes Back

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    What is this torrent site's main focus? Anything in particular?

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    dont we need invites for that?
    Last edited by RealitY; 04-19-2006 at 05:41 AM.

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    @delimare : the site has desi(indian) content... it used to be the best of it's kind during it's hay day.. but now it has to recuperate after a 3 month down time!

    @zhasan2 : signups are open now.. you dont need an invite for the time being.. so sign up quickly!

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    not a big rule fan , are u sammy ?
    it's a 3 month old post
    and on top of that the big sticky just above your post saying:
    Do NOT Request Or Offer BitTorrent Invites In This Section *Or Be BANNED*


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