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Thread: leagal port using software advice needed

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    I'm about to ask my isp to stop blocking ports but would like to know some software that uses ports in the 4000ish range, stuff like any ftp etc. Anyone know any?? Thanks in advance

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    Most apps now are user selecable. Network apps such as eMule and others you can choose the port you want to use. Many BT apps also allow the user to choose the port they use. Windering what type of app your using now that is getting blocked. Also wondering what company your service is through...

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    Im with and they have a major anti p2p policy and so they have blocked all the port ranges that most p2p software uses. I can request them unblocked but don't wana look like a dolt by saying "Hi I wana indulge in file sharing on your network, can you unblock my ports please " Hense why I could do with some programs names to use as reasons for me needing them unblocked.

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    How about Skype?
    You can set it to any port and having a port open can improve the call quality because the calls from other users with unreachable machine can come direct to you instead of getting relayed.
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    I think configuring you software to use available ports is the easier solution. As RealitY said, it's possible with most current tools.


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