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Thread: Mobo+optical out question..

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    Just a simple question for those that may know the answer:

    Do most motherboards these days (socket 939 and such) come w/ optical audio out? Or would I need to purchase a sound card for that?

    Just got a 1200 watt surround sound system for x360 which im using with optical audio cable (jesus, the cable cost 50 bucks ffs). There's still one free optical input in the receiver and since my DVD player doesnt have optic out, I was just wondering if most mobo's have optic out capabilities.

    No, I cannot check to see if my current one has optic out because I don't have it at the moment, it's at my friend's (LAN party) and frankly I never knew.

    However, I do plan on upgrading soon, and I've already got possible buyers for my current comp, so I might not even find out if my computer has/ever did have optic out.

    Optical is so sweet, the sound that I've heard using it is unsurpassed so far from what I've experienced in my life, it's truly worth the 50 dollars for the cable. And since I listen to a lot of music on my computer, I would love to have my comp hooked up to receiver with it
    Just wanted to know ahead of time, thanks guys.

    Yes...1200watts in my room, not the living room.
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    The higher range boards from Asus, Abit and MSI appear to have optical S/PDIF connectors.
    DFI appear to only offer co-ax S/PDIF.
    Most of the cheaper boards seem to offer co-ax or nothing.

    Best advice is to check before you buy, the technical specs should tell you.
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    Do you know what motherboard is in your computer?


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