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Thread: 56k'ing

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    does anyone on 56k use vietcong online?
    i was reluctant to start using this game online, as i thought my ping would be ridiculously high, but i was surprised just how low my ping remained even with a large number of players.
    today, i was playing with 30 other people and my ping was only approximately 200-250
    has anyone on 56k been playing this game, and if so, what kind of ping is everyone else getting?

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    Just one question are you using a Kazaa downloaded version of the game or you have the original One???

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    Thats a great ping, I use 576k and my ping in online games is usually around 100. I never used to play online with 56k, never thought it was possible.

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    ur 56k ping is average, usually 56k range from 170-300, but u do sometimes get lag and it shoots up, that and u have to take into consideration the location of the server u are trying to connect to. I live on the usa east coast and ping 30-50 on Usa east coast servers, but on uk servers i ping average 90-100 ping. Im on 3000/280 cable connection.

    but i used to be 56k and it sounds like ur connecting to a server fairly close to u, in terms of this internet world. hehe 200 is great ping for 56k.

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    i'm using iso's of the original game.
    there's a small crack (900k or so), that allows online gaming

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    i used to try to play on 56k on ut2k3 and ping was like 9999999
    never played properly kept going back and forth
    now i have broadband
    and i get pings of 30 on counter strike servers

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    my ping on ut2003 was usually around about 300. not exactly unplayable, but not great at the same time.
    i try to pick servers in the uk as much as possible, i tried one in the us but got kicked within about a minute for high ping.
    when i host my own game, with only ont other person in vietcong, my ping is about 8 and the other person's ping (who is on bt broaband (612/256)), normally has around 150 ping.
    not too bad considering i'm on 56k, but of course it'll come down a lot when i finally get broaband.
    now i just need to wait for it to be installed...

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    what is the crack that lets u play online and where can i get it?

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    Pings skyrocket on 56k's when they overload (like when cablemodems are trying to stuff 6 KB/sec of data down them).

    Turning off hardware data compression can actually HELP a 56k's ping so long as the game doesn't need more than around 4 KB/sec download and 3 KB/sec upload speeds to run smoothly in multiplayer.

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    Yeah thanks for the Verified Hash, you ignorant dickhead.

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