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Thread: Better BT client needed.

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    I use Azureus currently, and it's got the right functions and everything, but takes up WAY too much CPU and memory.

    I need a good BT client that's a bit CPU hungry. I see there's utorrent and some other progs, but which one is better and would you recommand?
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    I used to use Azureus quite a while back, then switched to utorrent but there's something in Azureus that i missed that's not yet implemented in utorrent is the seeding scheduler. I tried to switch back to Azureus but it has not been as good as it once was. Stability is a big problem, it doesn't kill my connection, but simply stopped transferring after few hours with many torrents in queue. Azureus would still query the tracker, but just not sending/receiving data to peers. So I am back with utorrent and manually managing seeding priorities until it's implemented (one day maybe?)

    Good thing is, utorrent has never yet caused any stability issue, never crashed once and I consider it the best client out there right now.

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    I use uTorrent as well. Not only am I really impressed with the client, any problems you do have with it are dealt with really well in the forum. They're good people.

    If you want low CPU usage, there's no alternative imo

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    I've been using bitcomet all the while, never tried utorrent before.

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    I like utorrent .. it's fine with me (I'm 100% satisfied with it ) just some friends having problems with uploads.. lods of leechers but no upload :|
    even though it's still the best there is memeroy usage/ease of use/functionality .


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