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Thread: Newbie Copy/paste Question

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    I would like to update my avatar, but the net link is very long. I would like to copy/paste into the available window, but when I right click my options are: back, forward, stop, refresh, home.

    I have only been on one other forum and copy/paste worked easily.

    Also when I'm editting a post, I would like to select a block of text, right click, delete. But I don't get that option.

    What's up? Thanks.
    Aren't we in the trust tree, thingey?

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    for pasting try using ctrl+v instead of right clicking, this works in the majority of cases
    as for the delete, have you tried just highlighting the text and pressing backspace?
    i suppose you could highlight it and then right click and cut it, but then it would be stored in your clipboard

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    The kazaa web window only lets you use these five options.

    Easiest way to solve this is use regular internet explorer/netscape, etc.
    You should be able to copy and paste doing this.

    Hope this helps

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    Great job, both of you.

    ctrl z- that's why I hate computers. How is that logical? I suppose I would have to look through a manual to figure that out.

    But, that problem is solved. I was using the Kazaa-lite browser. If I instead connect via the web and IE, I am able to get my good old copy/ paste function options.

    Thanks guys.

    New problem though, I have been captured and placed in a cage by a small but crafty Japanese girl. I'll keep you posted on my escape plans.
    Aren't we in the trust tree, thingey?

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    Ctrl c is copy and Ctrl v is paste.


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