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Thread: Person Of The Day- Maurice Cheeks

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    Imagine you are 13 and singing the national anthem on national televsion in a packed arena for the NBA playoffs and..... forgot the words.

    Poor girl stood there, blank look on her face, totally frozen.

    Headcoach Cheeks left the bench area, walked up to the girl and started singing it with her, cueing her the words.

    He took a negative and turned it into something positive those fans will remember for a long time.

    Sorry, guess I'm just a softie..... sometimes.

    PS: could someone please tell this little Japanese girl to let me go, thanks.
    Aren't we in the trust tree, thingey?

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    Yeah that was really cool. That girl had to be under so much pressure. NBA Playoffs, sellout game, millions of people watching. Wow i wouldnt have had the guts to walk on the floor. That is cool i have lots of respect for her and Mo Cheeks.

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    A Tiger and a Jayhawk agreeing on something?

    Lets, uh, you know, keep this to ourselves.

    Aren't we in the trust tree, thingey?


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