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Thread: The "How to Maintain a Good Ratio" Thread

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    Well as most of us know, whether we experienced it first hand or we are at the brink of passing that threshold level on maintaining a good ratio (100% +) on many of the well known private sites is hard to almost impossible in some cases.

    For example Oink, it is well known for it large library of music torrents, it has so many users with a ratio of under 50%. My point is it is hard to maintain at the very least even a decent ratio on Oink not mentioning others like Torrentleech or Torrentit when there are almost 10x the amount of seeders then they are leechers in every single torrent it seems....

    The ones who do maintain real good ratios have dl'ed hardly nothing compared to the countless months of pure uploading they have done or uploaded their own torrents.

    I personally think private torrent sites should also set a limit for example like a 125% limit on sharing because by over sharing, you are actually hurting the community more then you are helping it in the long run.

    I am just wondering what methods, tips, strategys you fellow members use to maintain a decent share ratio to not inevitably face getting BANNED!
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    I try to keep a high ratio by not dloading everthing. Almost anything will eventually come along again and again.
    I also keep upload speed at a max untill I am at par. Being over 1.0 ratio I gather if there are enough seeds and if so I remove the torrent.

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    Now and again, jump on a torrent as soon as it hits the mainpage, even if you don't really want it.

    Especially look for torrents of popular chart bands' new releases (in the case of Oink) that have just been upped or popular TV series episodes/movies (for generic private trackers).

    Limit your seeded torrents to no more than five files. Regularly check your client to see which has the most leechers and prioritise that torrent.

    Seed your own files (if the tracker allows it). On Oink this is a particularly good way of maintaining a good ratio.

    With a lot of private trackers, if you search their pages for what you want, it's likely that your ratio for that particular torrent will never get above 100% if the file you want is over a week old.

    People who have good ratios on private trackers often put some thought into what they download/seed to give other users better speeds and and often up files themselves.

    It's a bit naive to say that these people are hurting the community.Some people will think about their downloading tactics and maintain good ratios and stay as an active member, others download blindly and get kicked unless they donate or something. That's just the way it is.

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    Whats the best in my opinion:

    - If you have, lets say, 100k up, limit your download to 100k too, otherwise you will download much more in the same amount of time.
    - Download more torrents then you need, and then download 1 file (Or more if you want), and stop downloading, but keep uploading that file
    - Keep uploading your finished torrents, do not select: Stop torrent when finished downloading.
    - Upload files, if possible ofcourse, too. And keep the torrent running for at least 2 days (Or just 1 day, but then make a new one).
    - If you have it complete, select the SuperSeed option (Some clients have it, and it is always working fine here).
    - Always try to use one torrent a site, don't download the same file from more torrentsites, most times one of the torrents will have a bad ratio.

    That are my tips

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    Quote Originally Posted by fnf
    If you have it complete, select the SuperSeed option (Some clients have it, and it is always working fine here).
    super seeding is really for use when uploading a new torrent. i wouldnt use it in general.

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    I have a ratio of Infinity on Oink
    It's always good to upload something from the get-go if they let you, so you don't have to worry about ratio later.

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    Download stuff that has a lot of leechers and little seeders. Even if you don't want it.....

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    Anyone ever notice that their upload speed cuts down to 1 or 2 KB after their share rating goes over 2? In the beginning I will be uploading at like 30 KB and after a while it just cuts down to nothing. Is it just me?

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    Try and get into filelist, theres always plenty of leechers.

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    I use following rules when downloading. Think before you download, don't limit your downloads to the things you want, help the community by seeding files you not nesecerely need. I never cut off the torrent after i finished downloading (unless it is from public trecker and I need upload speed for my private torrents). And don't complain about your ratio, cause it does not help

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