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Thread: High Cpu Usage??

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    How come when i have two things open like windows media player and mozilla firefox my cpu usage is like 50%.. and the Pf usage is only like 200-250 most of the time and I have 512mb of ram and i do not have any spyware or adware or viruses..Does any1 kno if this is normal? thank you
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    What is using the cpu?

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    Windows Media Player is a known cpu hog. There are much better players out there that use less resources. You can also revert back to version 6.4 for better cpu usage.
    You can still run version 6.4 by clicking in Start -> Run and type in "mplayer2" (no quotes). On my Windows XP system, Media Player 6.4 is located in C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player. You can always put a shortcut for it on your desktop by right clicking its exe file and send to desktop create shortcut and then rename the icon on the desktop to get rid or the .exe and the reference as a shortcut.

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    FF and win media player are CPU hogs.

    I wouldn't be surpised especially if you have a slower CPU.

    On my P3 900mhz lappy firefox hogs like 30% of CPU alone.
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    im on a laptop and its 1.6 ghz. is tht considered slow now days?


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