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Thread: Problem with GFX

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    Hey techheads heres one for you.
    Got a 1.4 Athlon Thunderbird, 768 DDR, 40gig, Radeon 9600xt VIO, but 3d games a no no, and im not talking latest games either. Installed Sim City 3000 and slow as f*ck on updating screen. Surely this setup isnt past it yet. Doing my head in , please help
    Installed latest drivers, and DX9.0c Anyone got any ideas?

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    Sounds like a case of a system bogged down:

    Have you done the following yet:
    File Cleanup? (CCleaner will help you)
    Spyware Cleaning? (get AdAware and SpyboySearchandDestroy)
    Defrag? (Use Diskeeper)
    RegClean? (Use Registry Mechanic)
    Process Elimination? (Goto Start>Run type "msconfig"...goto startup items, uncheck ones you don't need. Restart)
    Process Annihilation? (Get SmartClose... it'll close everything, but windows...allowing your games to run at Full Speed)


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