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Thread: Joining iso's please help

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    My m8 wants to join four cd's iso's together for his packhard bell pc install disks so he can run off one dvdr.Anyone know how to do this please.

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    Seem to recall Peerzy using some app way back that did this but cant recall what it was...

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    Ya I know peerzy knows I think maybe he help out and post please m8.

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    Ok found a program that does the job Magic Iso.

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    I doubt it will work. Each CD basically has it's own infomation and it's never as easy as just chucking all the data in one place, and burning it onto a DVD. When installing it will read the label of the CD and know the next file is on a CD labeled Install_2 (For example) and once that file has been installed it will look for a new file on a new CD titled Install_3. Ofcourse you're DVD can only have one label.

    Basically on some games/applications it will work. Just chuck every file in one folder and burn it. If that fails chances are you'll have to edit some MSI files and thats not the easiest thing in the world. You need a program called Orca (I think). It comes in some Microsoft package thats free but like a 700mb download but you can get it elsewhere on the net.


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