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Thread: Fastest Client?

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    Apr 2006
    Hey guys,

    I hear a lot of talk about different clients.. I see a lot of people using Azureus... but which do you think is the fastest? What types of speed do you get on your client, and on what type of connection (ie. dsl, cable 3mbps down)?

    I use Azureus on DSL, with 3.0 down.
    My speed averages about 100kbps per torrent.. it maxes out at 200kbps per torrent.

    What about you guys?

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    I am using Asureus on LAN internet. Torrent speed is 35-40 KB/s from internet trackers and 5-6MB/s from local tracker. That's maximum of my connection.
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    I have azureus, and depening on how many seeders are on the torrent, i have dsl 3.o down, and i get speeds constant of 250-260 kbps.

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    I use uTorrent 1.5 on a DSL connection with 3.0 down. Like forty9er, my max speeds seem to be around 250-260 kbps.

    I used Azureus at one time but it seemed to tax my system resources. I've tried most of the other major clients as well, and I've been happiest with uTorrent. Great tools and interface, and my speeds are as high as I've gotten with any BitTorrent client.

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    Think the only difference a client could make speed wise is the abulity to connect to more seeds and peers than another client. Ive tested quite a few clients and found or at least it seems Azureus connected to more clients and quicker comapared to other clients tested on the same torrents. Though Ive yet to try uTorrent which seems to be very popular...

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    i used bitcomet, azureus , utorrent, bittornado, abc, so almost all client.
    i think all of them can be set to do good dl speeds.
    currently i'm using utorrent, since version 1.3 and i like it.
    i have ~240kb/s dl and ~25kb/s ul. 2M/196k dsl line.

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    The speed does not depend on the client, it only depends on yours and persons u r connecting internet speed. As RealitY pointed out the only diference is how fast the program connects to clients. And what concerns number of peers your client connects to, nost p2p software have options for that how many connections at one time u r allowing.

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    Speed wise, utorrent and azureus are the same for me. Good decent fast speeds. But azurues allows me better connection. I connect quicker and to more seeders. I notice this moreso on a torrent where i'm only uploading.

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    so far I like utorrent the best. The speeds are very good and it uses very little resources.

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    I think the speeds are the same for all clients. make sure you change the max global connections in your client settings. and if you have a router you portforward it.

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