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Thread: Breaking News Regarding Media Sharing Services

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    The entertainment industry was dealt a massive blow today when a federal court threw out a request to close down 2 of the major P2P providers in the world.

    A massive setback took place today for the recording industry and the RIAA, who had pressed hard to impose a suit on a number of online media sharing.

    The 2 programs which was given clearance by the federal court to continue operating under "Software and Technical support services" are Grokster and Morpheus; by far not the largest P2P (peer 2 peer) sharing program in the world, but still pushing the industry's fight for "cleaning up" the online sharing of media back a step.

    The largest sharing system Kazaa was not included in the court's decision and the outcome of a decision related to that system is still in the open.

    U.S. Court Judge Stephen Wilson said that Morpheus and Grokster should not be shut down because they cannot control what is traded over their systems, provoking anger amongst the recording and film industries.

    What is the outcome of future rulings on P2P systems have now entered a state of uncertainty.

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    whered did u get the article from? id like to read more on this...

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    Going asfter Morpheus?Are they still around?Thats funny.....going after the shittist Peer-to-Peer ever.Well maybe not the shittist...but close.

    My Lord in Heaven would not even touch that thing.

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    i would like to read more on that article also.
    sounds most interesting ......

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    The full article can be found in this cnet report
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