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Thread: Best Multiplayer Game

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    does n e 1 know what is the best mutiplayer to be playing at the mo. i am bored of unreal and jedi knight

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    didnt c the other post down there. think i will try red faction

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    Counter Strike is pretty good, so is DOD (retail soon)

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    Dont play counterstrike, Its a shitty game where 55% of the people playing are cheating.

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    FPS suck and MMORPG's get no love here, so I'm gonna say Asheron's Call.

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    At the moment I play "americas army" alot and this is because it's (most importantly) a great game, it's a free download (from so there's no cd-key\serial needed and servers don't allow cheating, try it out.

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    battlefield 1942 is great espically when u play with 20 of your friends

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    Just downloaded Battlefield 1942 am i going to be able to play this game online?

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    been trying to play americas army but i have been waiting 2 days now for an email back with my registration. dont know y, i put my email in properly.

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