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Thread: Anime Subtitles

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    Hello guys,

    This is my 1st post.. so please be easy on me if I do something wrong..

    I have found so many anime such as Dragonball, etc. in japanase audio without any subtitles, and unfortunately I am not japanese.. I have tried with the search engine provided in this forum, and the best thing that I could find was a website that provided this DragonBall subs but they are in polish..

    now I wonder if somebody could please at least point me where to look.. since I almost giving up searching

    thank you guys.. please help...

    Edit : I'm so sorry I am really new in this.. and just saw myself the thread for newbie like me.. Should I suppose to post this in NewBie section.. if so... really really forgive meee... so sorry...

    Edit again : I'm sorry for my stupidity in researching... but as far as I could find from the link is this

    which is perfect, as what I am looking, except its polish... *sighs*

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    idk, maybe the files u currently have already have subs that ur unaware of. dl and install the kazaalite mega codec pack and upon installing make sure direct vob sub gets installed, which i believe it does by default, and u'll get subs.

    also, try mininova for ur dragonball shows and then get uTorrent to dl them. enjoy!
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    Hello thank you for your reply, but yes the DragonBall files that I downloaded are in .avi and I almost sure that the one that I have are really the clean version one originally ripped from DVD with japanese audio, but no subtitle at all..

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    yup, that sucks. there are some good divs subtitle sites, but you are not likely to find subs for some obscure anime heh!

    that is why I like leechin fansubs

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    Hello I find english subtitles for dragonball z American edition (276 eps)
    Please help me i very bad understand english and don't know where them find
    Hello from Russia

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    Can anyone help me find english subs for Major?

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    You won't find subtitles here but that have alot of multiaudio anime movies. Try Boxtorrents.

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    If you just want to watch with subtitles already on it or even english dubbed you can try watching it via streaming video. Nabolister for example


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