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Thread: Ps2 On Computer Moniter?

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    Just wondering if you can plug your PS2 into your computer moniter instead of the telly?

    Only asking because my daughter wants a ps2 but doesnt want a tv in her room.

    Is it possible? Do you need an adapter? Would it change the quality of the game?



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    Yes, it is possible.

    I found this for you:

    It allows you to connect a variety of consoles to your PC monitor.


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    whats wrong with using the family telly?

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    Using the family telly.......

    We have enough arguments about whether we are watching MTV or Cbebbies!!!!

    Got very different age group kids and just occasionally I like to watch eastenders. I know what its like to get into a game and 'have' to turn it off (Zelda on the N64 - nothing's ever beaten it for me).

    Thanks for all your help.


    PS Can anyone reccomend a good (basic platform game for the ps2)

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    I recommend Rayman 3 or 2, but if you were looking for more basic games Gamecube have a better range.

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    I voted for a gamecube as well (new zelda - yay&#33 but no, she wants a ps2. she's currently digging out the old snes to have a try at some platformers (she's never been able to do them b4).

    Bet I end up on it, havn't played the snes for years.



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    You can also get a tv tuner card. (either alone or integrated with a video card i.e. "all-in-wonder"). It basicly works the same way, except it plugs into a PCI slot, so not as much clutter.


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