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Thread: What is TraceTraffic

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    What is TraceTraffic? and how is it used

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    And u say u are torrentlord..

    Trancetraffic is private torrent tracker that is supposed to have some trance music and vids..

    P.S>: no offences meant..

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    Trancetraffic is a private tracker and invite only

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    Is it a good site? How many members?

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    A great tracker.
    Dedicate to electronic music :-D

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    great tracker, but they are abit small to get a nice ratio.

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    Its quite fast tracker. Again difficult to maintain ratio.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sump View Post
    Is it a good site? How many members?
    it has about 8 thousand user, but it has more than 10 thousand torrent file

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    a great trance music tracker


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