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Thread: Rogers bittorrent users...

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    This goes out to all of you Rogers users. What are some good tips on getting a faster torrent speeds? I've been using port 1720 for a while now but have started to wonder if there are "better" ports to use, or any other settings which might increase torrent speeds?

    Anyways, post your tips!

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    I use port 43536 right now.
    Just anything in the high range I think is good.
    I can get some good speeds from private trackers once in a while (I have the 1mbps 'rogers lite'), but usually it doesn't get much above 50kb/s.
    On public trackers I never get good speeds, and my slow upload makes me a 'leecher' in teh eyes of private trackers so I've given up with bittorent unless I really need something from it.

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    check this thread it has links to guides for the most popular clients:
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    Quote Originally Posted by {I}{K}{E}
    check this thread it has links to guides for the most popular clients:
    Thanks for the links, I found some pretty useful info. By using 1720 I seem to have very good speeds, about 400-500k on average but sometimes it just runs super slow. I'm going to try and use some higher ports and see what I can find.

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    Hey man just use uTorrent and port 1720. I've had this discussion a million time son other forums and it seems as if this is the way to go.

    Also, if your getting 400-500 k a second i wouldnt complain considering it's capped at 600.


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